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The people who are the driving force behind E2i Design are Christ followers first. We think there is no better way to honor our Creator than to help ministries use the tools of technology to impact their community. Each of us has real world church experience… meaning we have all been on staff at a ministry and have, in some capacity, been responsible for the visual aspects of the live worship experience. The members of our team are not doing a job, we are fulfilling a calling! We also view YOU, our partners in ministry as members of our team as well. We know that the combination of our capabilities and our calling make us the perfect fit for every ministry, no matter the size. There is no team more passionate and dedicated to “the Church” than ours. Our vision is simple – form partnerships with ministries so we can educate, empower and inspire as we change the world…one church at a time!


Education is at the core of what we do. We are committed to show you what the right technology can do for you. We want to help you learn so you get the solution that is best for your unique ministry!


Empowered volunteers and staff are able to move forward with 100% energy, implementing the vision and mission of the church! An empowered team is a powerful team.


Inspiration is the fun part! Inspire your team, your congregation, and other churches. Stay inspired, because it completes the cycle and the education begins again.

Josh Holowicki
Founder & CEO

Josh Holowicki is a passionate Christ follower who has dedicated his energy to helping “The Church” incorporate technology to enhance the worship experience. Josh has a unique background in that he not only holds a B.B.A. from Eastern Michigan University, but he also spent five years on staff as the lighting director and one of two scenic designers at NorthRidge Church in Plymouth Michigan. Having studied under or worked with some of the most recognized names in both the Christian and secular lighting industry, Josh has fulfilled what he believes is his personal mission and calling by founding E2i, an organization whose focus is to Educate, Empower, and Inspire ministries and other organizations in the area of entertainment technology. Josh lives in Michigan with his wife of 16 years, Michelle, their daughter Ellery, and their 6lb Morkie, Rosie.

Evan Hamilton

Sue Merchant

Kara O’Donnell

Laurel Whitley

Jason Horn

Britt Billins

David Rotter

E2i Design at our core is all about experience.

We partner with churches to bring the best worship technology solutions to your church or ministry. We help churches identify the ideal audio, lighting and video technology needs to best enhance the worship experience within their cultural setting.

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