Please register your E2i Design Black Card to unlock access for your member benefits page.

Welcome to the E2i Design Black Card. This exclusive card grants access to member-only benefits and experiences reserved for our most prestigious clients. As a member you will have an opportunity to attend VIP events, receive special gifts, get advance access to manufacturer product launches and so much more! We invite you to explore below and learn all about the world of the E2i Design Black Card.

VIP Events:
When it comes to fun, E2i Design is unmatched in our pursuits and there is nothing more exciting than to enjoy this fun with our closest friends. Throughout the year we attend many different trade shows and conferences and at each one we will be hosting a VIP event for E2i Design Black Card members only. These events will be your opportunity to connect with other members as well as to experience something special no others can. In addition to trade show and conference events, we will also host designers round tables, training sessions and more; all catered to Black Card members.

Major Gifts and Swag:
E2i Design is rolling out the red carpet for our most valued partners. Your exclusive welcome gift will be arriving soon and you will also be first to receive our latest and greatest apparel and gifts as we roll them out along the way. Additionally, you will regularly be entered into our special drawing that will occur before major trade shows and events that will earn you all sorts of freebies, VIP invitations, and even free travel to attend. Furthermore, every $25,000.00 your organization has spent with E2i Design at the time of the drawing will count as an ADDITIONAL entry. As an example, if you are a member in good standing and have spent $25k with us, you will be entered twice into our major gifts drawing.

Product Rollouts:
We work hard to bring the very best to you as a Black Card member and a sneak peek at the latest and greatest the AVL world has to offer will be no exception. Our manufacturer partners will be offering advance looks at new products to E2i Design Black Card members, often before the general public is even aware of their existence, giving you the advantage to have the best at the earliest time, as well as to place orders before anyone else to ensure you get products in hand first.

Member Discounts:
Throughout the year we will offer discounts and access to new and b-stock equipment with our premier manufacturers. These discounts will be significant and presented to E2i Design Black Card members only.

How do I retain my membership?
In an effort to ensure Black Card membership remains exclusive and to retain the highest level of value for our members, membership is for the invited member only and stays with the cardholder regardless of the organization you belong to. Additionally, to be a member in good standing, your organization must spend a minimum of $50,000.00 USD annually with E2i Design. This minimum will again ensure exclusivity as a member.

Thank you again for being a valued part of the E2i Design organization and for trusting us to be your AVL provider!


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